Libertango (Nubim – Verdoliva)

Oggi proponiamo un lavoro presentato a Seul proprio in questi giorni dalla musicista Nubim e fatto in collaborazione con Umberto Verdoliva, socio del Bacchino.

L’artista coreana ha eseguito un remake del brano “Libertango” di Astor Piazzolla, abbinandolo poi ad alcune fotografie di Umberto Verdoliva.

Ecco il risultato.


Contemporary music artist NUBIM did a wonderful remake of Libertango.

For this remake, NUBIM wanted to make a change not for the rhythm or harmony only, but for making “a completely different-flavored Libertango” and she made a great job at last. The new ‘Libertango’ is wearing a new kind of beautiful clothes.

After the live recording of “the extremely romantic Libertango”, NUBIM wanted to use black and white photographs of European cities and landscape. One fine day, NUBIM found perfect pictures on a website that were taken by an Italian photographer, Umberto Verdoliva. His photography was so wonderful, but she had no idea if the photographer would allow her to use his works. But unbelievably, the photographer wrote to her asking the collaboration in three days after she saw the website. He came across NUBIM’ s music on the internet and he was so fascinated by that. NUBIM could not believe it was just a coincidence. Anyway, both of them started to make a collaboration between music and photography and finally so great work came to the world.

Feel the heartfelt beauty to the full.

– music remake by Nubim

(original tune is composed by Astor Piazzolla)

– photography by Umberto Verdoliva

– edited by Jieum Lee

– recording by Jaeho Lee

– produced by Nubim

Joy-Tone Record